The Genealogy Honings HomePage of Karel Honings

On this WebSite you can find information about some Honings (Hoonings, Honigs, Hoenings) familietrees. With informations from Germany (Rheinland, Heinzberg region), Belgium and The Netherlands. For the German 'roots' it is supposed that the name means: 'originating from the town Höningen'. There exist several places with this name in this area!
Also added: Honings (Hunnings, Homyngs) from Darsham, Suffolk and London (16th century)

The genealogical data pages are in the Dutch language, however. I hop that you can 'translate' most of it with the help of the following abbreviations :
geb. = born (followed by place and date)
ged. = christened
overl. = died
begr. = buried
zn. van = son of
d.van = daughter of
tr. = married on ... to ....

Note: all dates are in the form day-month-year. The date 7-8-1800 means August 7, 1800 !!

If you want to have more information, or if you can provide me with additional information or corrections: feel free to send me a message. (e-mail address at the bottom of this page, and also on my home-page )


From the Netherlands, several persons Honings are emigrated to Australia, NewZealand and the USA.
Here is a list of these persons.